5 Best LED Pool Light Reviews and Buying Guide in December 2019

best LED Pool Lights reviews and buying guide

After having a day full of work everybody wants a relaxing evening in a swimming pool. Many people don’t prefer to go to a pool on a sunny day and they want to swim in the evening. For that here we will help you to choose best led pool lights to make your night swim more enjoying and safer.

No doubt having a chill in a pool at night is amazing, but it may be dangerous many times due to lack of visibility. There are more chances of having an injury at night if there is no sort of light in the pool.

If you have your own personal pool then you must get pool lights for it to ensure your safety in the pool at night. There are many pool lights available in the market but LED pool lights are more in demand. LED pool lights are not only used for lighting, but they are also loved for their amazing colors. Here is a quick review table of the best LED pool lights.

Image Product Rating Price
WYZM LED Pool Lights
Intex LED Pool Wall Light
P&LED (120V,35W) Color Changing LED Pool Lights
TOVEENEN Color-Changing LED Pool Lights
Pentair 601301 IntelliBrite 5G LED Pool Lights

5 Best LED Pool Light Reviews 2019 (Our recommendation)

Most of the pool owners love to get LED pool lights for their pool to enhance its beauty at night, but they don’t know how to buy the best one? Don’t worry here in this article I have reviewed the top 5 best LED pool lights and also written a detailed buying guide. So keep on reading.

1. WYZM LED Pool Lights

LED Pool Light

WYZM LED Pool Light is an upgraded version. It has aluminum casing over it and gives better cooling. WYZM LED pool light can last more than 5 years because it is 100% waterproof.

It has a 6” diameter and 5.5” height. It can fit into most of the swimming pools except small SPA fixture. There is no need for a separate controller to change the colors of the light. You can switch it ON/OFF from the toggle.

This LED light comes with 16 static colors and 2 vivid color show mode. It includes a smooth color transition, single color fade, medium color changing, and fast color changing.

This LED light is also an energy saver because it consumes less the 50% of energy as compared to other LED lights available in the market. You can replace your 400-500W pool bulb by using this WYZM 40W led pool light bulb.

This LED light is available in 120-V and 12-V versions, so please check what voltage you are currently having before ordering. If you install a 12 Volt bulb into a 120 Volt socket then it may permanently damage your pool’s lighting system.

WYZM LED pool light is our first pick; it is the maximum bought LED online. To have an amazing evening pool party, you can spend your money on it and you wouldn’t regrate.

  • 16 static colors and 2 vivid color show mode
  • consumes less the 50% of energy
  • can last more than 5 years
  • can fit into most of the swimming pools
  • available in 120-V and 12-V versions
  • Cannot get remote control

2. Intex LED Pool Wall Light (Best Above-Ground Led Pool Light)

Intex LED Pool Wall Light

This led light is top rated above ground pool light and made for non metallic pools. It is best seller among online market store and easy to use.

The Intex LED light uses magnetic technology that safely generates low voltage current through the pool’s sidewall to a powerful LED light inside the pool. The advanced, energy efficient LED light is designed with a special lens shape for maximum, long-lasting illumination in water.

This index led gives you extra bright white light illumination, However it will not give color full light.

Intex LED durable and made from high quality material and in case if separate from magnetic module then it made in such a way that it will not sink and will Kept float in water.

It will come along with a 23 feet power cord and 12v transformer.

  • Uses magnetic technology that safely generates low voltage current
  • The advanced, energy efficient LED light
  • Extra bright white light illumination
  • Durable high quality
  • Best seller among online market store and easy to use
  • Not give colorfull light, only white light
  • Only made for above ground non metallic pools

3. P&LED Color Changing LED Pool Lights

P&LED Color Changing Pool Lights

This led light can lit up the 25000 gallon swimming pool and make your evening swim more fun. The led will consume very less electricity and give you relief in your electricity.

With this led pool light you will get a remote control to on of it or to change led color. To lit the light you need 12 volt current that may be ac or dc.

If you want many lights to controlled by one remote and not want to control by other remote then you can also have the option to do it with the remote setting. It will also have memory function with this feature when you turn on the light next time the light they will lit up with previous mode.

It have inbuilt temperature mode that will reduce the the light when temperature goes above 80 degrees, which let it cool down and make it longer life.

With this led light you will get one year warranty. To claim the warranty read term and condition before to buy.

  • Lit up the 25000 gallon water swimming pool
  • Consume very less electricity
  • Extra bright colorfull light illumination
  • Get remote control to control lights. even one remote can control many lights.
  • Get one year warranty
  • You will get only one year warranty

4. TOVEENEN Color-Changing LED Pool Lights

TOVEENEN Color-Changing LED Pool Light

You can replace your standard pool bulb with this high quality pool led. It is two times brighter than other cheaper led light. Specifically designed to replace incandescent bulbs in swimming pool underwater light fixture.

It will consume less electricity and save your bill and give your pool a brighter illumination in different color. It is durable and can last longer up-to 15 year.

The size of led is Medium Base (E27) Diameter: 6-5/8 inches; Length: 5-3/8 inches. Its a 40 watt led make your swim party fabulous.

It have 16 different color mode and you can change the color with on/off mode. When you turn off the light, it will save the last color, and next time when you turn on light it will display last time saved color.

It will come with 2 year warranty that will further ensure you about product quality.

  • Two times brighter than other cheaper led light
  • Consume very less electricity
  • Have 16 different color mode
  • change the color with on/off mode
  • Get two year warranty
  • Not get remote to control light

5. Pentair IntelliBrite 5G LED Pool Lights

IntelliBrite 5G LED Lights

This is the brightest led pool light you ever have seen and the company claims that it will use 86 percent less light consumption the halogen lights. This is a 300 watt. It will use superior geometry lens and premium reflector design to create a wider and more uniform beam of light.

Light lens can be rotated upto 180 degree to make them beam wider and narrow. Strong durable pool led and it covered with stainless steel case and have every thick glass in-front of it.

Pentair light will not have a different color you will get only white light if you are looking just to lit up your pool and does not need colored light then this will be a great option for you.

It will come with a 50 feet cord that will help you to reach connectivity to electric plug.

  • brightest led pool light
  • use superior geometry lens and premium reflector design
  • Create a wider and more uniform beam of light
  • Light lens can be rotated upto 180 degree to make them beam wider and narrow.
  • use 86 percent less light consumption the halogen lights
  • Get only white light
  • No remote control feature

LED Pool Light in-depth Buying Guide.

In this in-depth buying section we will help you to how to choose best led lights for your pool. Further, you will understand what is led lights and why the pool led light s are so popular. What types of led lights are sold in the market? According to once requirement which led lights are best according to once requirements. So let begin.

What is led lights and Why Are LED pool Lights so Popular?

Every knows what led lights are even a child knows but how a person might don’t know. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is the new designed best technology discovered in the last decades. They are the most durable light ever made I led light can be used for 25 years. Another thing about led light is they are an energy saver and they consume 97% less energy than traditional bulb.

Led are the most popular type of light used to lighting the pool. Here the reason of being popular. Led light are most safest, durable, Eco friendly and less light consuming. Few light can brighten all the pool and they can change their color in many variations which will give you an amazing pool experience.

5 Things you should consider while buying led pool light.

While choosing a best led pool light for you. You should look at the below feature. According to once requirement you can check these feature of a led light. Have a look on this.

How easy is it to install.

Generally, almost every led light are easy to install, but there are some poor quality led lights that cannot be easily fitted in your pool. So before purchasing them make sure they are easy to install. If they will not be fitted in your pool then it just wastes of money.

However there are different kind of led lights that can be fitted differently. Some led lights come with magnate you can just put into the pool directly. Some are kept floating and many other types of led come with different types. So decide which one is best for you.


The another major factor you can look is what are the lighting feature it will gives you and what feature are you looking into your led light. There are several features comes with led light. One popular feature of led light is it can produce many colors and which make your pool and watercolor colorful and gives evening swim more fun.

There are various other feature like dimming the light or blinking lights and many more. Atleast have a look on all feature a led pool light gives you before to choose.

Long lasting Product Life.

No one wants a product that will expire in a few weeks. So always buy high quality led pool lights they cost you a little high but can last longer upto 25 years and save 90% more electricity than other standard lights. There must be built with high quality and have power configuration.


The one and last factor is budget. Always ask a question, should it fit with your budget. Does it worth as they are priced. According to once requirements and budget you should purchase.

Type of Pool led light

There are two types of pool lights one is led pool light and other is fiber optic pool light. Both are different in term of light, color, brightness and shape.

Except that is are other type of pool lights like pool light that floating over the pool, solar pool light, under water pool light. All type of pool light are different from each other and each one is different and unique.


However there are many ways to illuminate and lit up your pool with beautiful lights. LED pool lights are the best and most popular pool light out there. But in led pool lights, there are various option available and different type of led gives you different feature. Whether you need color option or just need simple white led light to illuminate your pool.

If you have read this buying guide and our top 5 led pool reviews then you already better position to choose best led option for your pool than other people.

Enjoy!, Your evening swim with more fun and have a nice day.

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