6 Best Pool Test Kits (Review and Ultimate Buying Guide 2019)

Swimming is a great way to relax your body. Even it is scientifically proved that it is a great way to maintain your body too. Every person wants to spend their day with families and friends. So it is important to consider that your pool must be neat and clean using the best pool test kit.

This is very necessary because pool water becomes dirty due to rainfall and excessive use. Some diseases may occur due to lack of cleanliness. The pool test kit will help you to show information about pool water and also helps to maintain the chemical balance of water.

There are many kits in the market that ensure the same features but it’s the matter of your then you have to choose the best one. Here we will review the best pool test kit and also provide you necessary information regarding pool test kit that will make you confident about your decision.

Reviews of 6 Best Pool Test Kit (Our Picks)

Choosing a pool test kit is a difficult task that allows to maintain the proper balance of water and protect a person from bacterial diseases. So here are our 6 recommendation that will surely help to decide the best pool test kit that suits your need and budget.

1.LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kits

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This kit comes with photometer that gives a digital (numeric) reading of test results. Digital meter is able to track reading to a single decimal point. A waterproof carrying case is provided with it to take it anywhere you want.

The digital feature provides relief from comparing test color with a chart that sometimes gives inaccurate results and leads to many problems.

LaMotte ColorQ Pro Digital Pool Water Test Kit comes with many good features. This product is a good option for the person who wants to reduce dust elements from water and avoid diseases caused by pool water.

It is considered as one of the top pool water test kits in order to test hardness, cyanuric acid, pH, bromine and free chlorine.This kit allows you to give exact data of your pool water.

So that you can take the necessary steps in order to make a balance in water chemicals. Price is a little costly but with all these features its worthy to buy. For the best experience, it is recommended to follow all instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Top Features
  • Digital meter
  • Show exact composition of pool water
  • Comes with waterproof carrying case
  • Remove dust elements

2.Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Test Kit

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If you are in a starting phase and maintain water chemistry of your pool then Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Test Kit is a good option for you. This kit comes with a digital meter that allows to give accurate results and avoid difference between two reading at the same time.It conduct test for chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity and acid demand. This kit includes a clear view round test block and color chips. It helps to give accurate information regarding color matching of chemicals.

Anyone maintaining their own pool should use this kit. It comes with a polyethylene case that allows the kit to move from one place to another and also keeps chemical protected. It includes a more accurate test for chlorine.

Although this kit is very easy to use still you have to read upper guidelines that will help to know in detail about the use of this product. Some people face difficulty in phenol red and #2 Phenol red color. So don’t interchange this color because both are different colors.

Top Features
  • Easy to use
  • Instant results
  • Comes with polyethylene beg

3.Poolmaster Smart Test 6-Way Test Strips

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If you are looking for a kit that can maintain healthy water chemistry then Poolmaster Smart Test kit is the most affordable option for you. Kit contains 50 easy to read strips and works with six chemical factors including chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, total hardness and total chlorine. These all chemical factors play their different role like Free chlorine and bromine helps to maintain sanitation in water and on the other hand alkalinity and ph measure the acidic nature of water. Total hardness helps to prevent on pool’s hard surface.

The process of testing is very easy and provide very instant results. You have to dip a strip in pool water and then wait for a few seconds and you will find the result on the color changing tiles. This product is one of the most affordable and must need swimming pool product to maintain your pool healthy.

Although the kit is very easy to use and this process will also help you to understand more about the process. Process and guidelines are clearly written and easy to understand.

Top Features
  • Comes with 50 strips
  • Easy to use
  • Use for both pool and spa

4. Taylor Technologies INC K-2006 Test Kit (Amazon's choice)

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This product works to maintain the proper balance of chemicals in pool water. Kit helps to conduct a test for combined and total chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric acid, and calcium hardness. This kit can be used in a salt water pool but will not able to test for sodium chloride.

It deals with most chemical elements that make it different from other products. It contains .75oz reagents that helps to provide accuracy in the result.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with titrations that mean you don’t have to deal with the color matching problem and takes very less time while taking readings and also include FASDPD bromine test kit that helps to differentiate free chlorine and total chlorine.

It is easy to learn about how to test your pool water for all chemical elements although the cyanuric acid test is a little tricky when you repeat this test time it becomes easy. If you want instant results with more accuracy then Taylor Technologies INC K-2006 Test Kit is one of the best options to consider.

Top Features
  • Easy to use Comes with .75 oz reagents
  • Highly accurate results
  • include FASDPD bromine test kit

5. AquaChek Water Test Strips (Amazon's choice)

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It is one of the most affordable kits in this list and process is very easy that even a newbie can use this product very easily. Strips come in an airtight bottle that doesn’t allow moisture and provide better protection. One bottle is enough for three-month testing.

This strip will help to conduct seven tests i.e. chlorine, bromine, hardness, alkalinity, pH, free chlorine and cyanuric acid. It includes a reusable color chart comparator (placed inside of the bottle). This comparator chart will allow comparing two color samples.

In order to conduct a test, you have to dip the strip into swimming pool and then wait for 15 to 20 seconds until strip changes its color. With the help of comparator, you can check that color is matching or not.

If this test doesn’t give accurate results then it means you need to add some more of a specific chemical. AquaChek Water Test Strips is the preferred option if you are single user to perform test this process will save your time and provide accurate results.

Top Features
  • Affordable price
  • Get results in 15 seconds
  • It includes seven tests

6. Taylor K-1004 Troubleshooter DPD Pool and Spa Water Test Kit

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Taylor kit is a good option to avoid problems regarding pool water. It conduct test for six chemicals i.e. Total and free chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid demand and Total Alkalinity.

The kit comes with a large case that keeps your kit more safe and secure. Inside case, you will find all the necessary information regarding this kit.

Taylor K-1004 Troubleshooter DPD kit can be used to maintain both pool and spa water. It contains .75oz reagents that help to provide more accurate results and also include comparator so that you can differentiate between two colors. Each color relates to a different chemical element so you will not face any difficulty while testing. Comparator chart will also help you to decide what should be your next step.

It works well when you store this kit indoor because high temperature will degrade regrants very quickly. So if you are looking for an affordable pool test kit than this Taylor kit will be a good option to consider.

Top Features
  • Used for both pool and spa
  • Solid case
  • Easy to read comparator
  • Comes with .75 oz reagents

Things to Consider While Buying Pool Test Kit

Choosing a pool test kit is not an easy task. Everyone in market claims that they provide the best product but all are not much effective. There are a few things that you must consider while buying a pool test kit. So that purpose of buying a kit can be fulfilled.


It is very important that you must know the chemical chemistry of swimming pool before using pool testing kit. It provides you the basic knowledge about the swimming pool.

It depends on the setup but mostly it’s okay with basic reading. An accurate reading is not needed if you are using a small hot tub.

If you are using an outdoor large pool then it’s extremely important to check the water with a more accurate meter.


This is the most important factor to consider while buying a pool test. Cost depends upon the quality of that particular product. It is priceless equipment to maintain your swimming pool is the proper order.

So it is recommended to invest a good amount of money in order to get the best available product in the market.

Ease of use

Using a kit is not a one-day task look for a kit that is easy to use. There are many options available in markets that are very easy to use. So make sure about the model that you choose must be easy. So that anyone can use this in your absence.


Durability is also the most important factor because you have to use this kit in the long run.
This is a daily used product so in order to ensure the durability of kit make sure that it must be waterproof because this kit will be used in a wet environment.


This is not an important factor but while using a particular brand it is necessary that product must be easily available in the market because you need to refill or need other accessories timely.

Types of Pool Test kits

Understanding various types of test kit is necessary in order to make your decision more accurate.
There are four types of pool test kits in the market with different features and uses. You have to choose according to your use.

Digital kit: Measure reading using a digital sensor (number reading)

Photometric: Calculate reading using photometer.

Turbidimetric: It measures the cloudiness of water.

Titrimetric: It measures the change in color.

(Note: These meters can support at least two calculation at one time)

Advantage of Best Pool Test Kit

Before using a pool test kit you must know how this kit will help you to maintain the balance of your water. So here you will get to know about various advantages of using a pool test kit.

  • It will protect your pool water from the adverse effects of ultra violate rays that harm our body.
  • Pool kit helps you to identify the number of elements that are dissolved in water.
  • It keeps your pool water clean from elements like fungi, bacteria and will help to let you know when to add fresh water in the pool.
  • It protects a person from allergy or other bacterial disease caused by pool water.

Chemicals mixed in your Pool

There are many chemicals found in your swimming pool. So in order to make proper balance in the water, you must know the chemicals present in pool water. So here are some chemicals present in pool water that will help you to decide which kit you have to use.

Sodium Bicarbonate - The total amount of sodium bicarbonate will raise the capability of water to neutralize the acid.

Bromine- This chemical helps to stabilize ph and acid level of water.

Calcium hardener- This chemical will increase the level of the hardness of calcium in the swimming pool.

Calcium hypochlorite- It helps to purify your pool water and increase the level of chlorine.

Chlorine- It is also called dichlor or trichlor. The main difference between both is that trichlor needs to correlate with dichlor on the other hand dichlor doesn’t need to correlate with trichlor to function.

How to Test Your Pool

Testing of pool water is mainly dependent upon four main factors that are ph level of water, Calcium harness, Cyanuric acid level and alkaline of water.

When to Test Your Pool

The time duration between pool testing is one of the important matters to take care of. You should know the proper time gap between tests. Some tests are not required on a daily basis.

  • You need daily testing for chlorine and pH level.
  • You need a weekly test for alkalinity and temperature.
  • You need monthly testing for calcium hardness.

So this time duration will help you to make a proper balance of water. If these tests are giving proper and constant result its okay if you skip one test.

(Note: Clean your pool after rainfall or any climate change)

Process of Testing Your Pool

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to test your pool then you must follow this process

Firstly, get the right strip and vials for your pool. It helps to store the pool water that you want to test then dip that strip into a swimming pool and collect some water in it after that put water inside vial a check pool water factors.


Q. Which meter is best when we need the most accurate result?

This depends upon several factors but the most important factor is that the result may vary from person to person. It may be possible that color shown after test may differ so in that case you should use colorimetric test for a more accurate result.

Q. Do states have any legal regulation?

Some states have legal regulation on the pool test kit. So check all guidelines of state regarding purchasing of a pool test kit.


It is not difficult to clean your pool but it is only possible when you have proper knowledge about pool testing. So this detailed guide will help you to clean your pool and make a proper balance of chemical and reviews will help you to choose the best pool testing kit that is budget friendly and perform well.

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